European Super League: The day football died

The announcement of the new European Super League has caused mass outrage across the footballing landscape.

Most of us by now have heard the news regarding the European Super League and the announcement has been met with extreme reactions from fans and rightly so.

The “so-called” big clubs in world football in Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, and Atletico Madrid are the “founding clubs” of this disgrace of a competition.

All the competition is simply a way of making money to make the bigger and richer clubs even stronger. Perhaps the biggest plight on this new league potentially forming is what it means for all the other clubs.

UEFA has come out and stated that any club and its players that take part in the competition will be banned from all domestic, world, or European level and that players will be denied the chance to represent their countries.

The fact that this is purely a money-making league is what makes it hard to swallow for millions of football fans all over the world. But what happens to all the other clubs regarding future seasons? What is the point of playing when the only thing to play for is a title? No top four for Champions League qualifications, no top 6 for European qualification, so the only thing to play for would be the title yet all the so-called big clubs could be relegated from England’s topflight and if some information is to be believed, they will start in the English fifth-tier.

Could you imagine that? Chelsea and Manchester City playing in the bottom tier of football? The sheer fact that these clubs think that they can go and play in this league mid-week and reap the financial rewards only to come back and play in their domestic league on the weekend?? Where is the fairness and supposed level playing field that FFP was meant to achieve?

The announcement has been met with outrage and anger because the only reason for this is to make money. The fact that the club I have supported for so long is a part of it makes it difficult to comprehend. A club that is meant to ooze class has shown a complete lack of it. But they are not alone.

On the subject of the top six clubs in England, what justifies Arsenal and Tottenham from being in this Super League? Tottenham’s biggest trophy is making the Champions League final only to lose, they have not won a trophy in how long? Arsenal has shown signs of improvement, but can you imagine Arsenal playing against Barcelona and Juventus midweek based on their current form? It is laughable that at this stage they are considered to be big clubs. At least Arsenal has the history behind them, Spurs have none.

Whether the European Super League goes ahead or not remains to be seen and if it does you can imagine that clubs will take it to the courts to fight it. The biggest thing that is going to happen is football will lose its connection with its fans if it hasn’t started already.

Football is nothing without its fans and do you find it ironic that the German clubs in Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund at this stage have declined to participate? What is the difference between them and the other clubs? Those are owned by the fans.

Going through my social media channels one image keeps popping up. A banner held up in a stadium says “Created by the poor, stolen by the rich” and that is the saddest thing of all. It is not the world game anymore. It is not football for all the history and pride that clubs have, it is all gone. Leaving the bigger clubs to get stronger and richer while not giving any thought to what they are doing to all the other clubs in the dark who will now essentially have nothing to play for.

Football has lost its soul, replaced by a business model with the sole intent to make more money. At this point in time for the biggest clubs in world football, fans are irrelevant and that is what hurts us the most.

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